Hi there, I'm Bill Zhang

Full stack developer, Discord bot developer, App developer, Minecraft Plugin & Mod developer, Game developer, Server developer. I am known online as Bill.IHCha, Bill.zhanxg, Bill-zhanxg. People usually just call me Bill.

πŸ’« About Me

β€’ 🌐 I'm currently live in Australia

β€’ πŸ’» I'm a student that like to code

β€’ Love the new Microsoft design (WinUI 3 / Fluent Design)

β€’ 🎨 I can code stuffs, fine at designing :)

β€’ πŸ“˜ Good at math :D

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πŸ’»Tech Stack

β€’ Typescript

β€’ Javascript

β€’ Rust

β€’ Java

β€’ C#

β€’ C++ (Used it, hated it, but want to learn it better)

β€’ Html 5

β€’ CSS

β€’ Visual Basic

β€’ Discord.js

β€’ Tailwind CSS

β€’ DaisyUI

β€’ Express.js

β€’ React

β€’ Next.js

β€’ Electron

β€’ Tauri

β€’ Unity

β€’ Minecraft Java Plugin / Mod

β€’ Minecraft Bedrock Behavior Pack

β€’ MySQL

β€’ Bash

β€’ Powershell

β€’ Command Prompt

β€’ Git

β€’ Arduino Uno

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πŸ† Talents

β€’ 🎹 Piano Grade 8

β€’ πŸ—„οΈ IT, Server Management

β€’ πŸ“ Problem Solver

β€’ 🎨 Learning designing / Colors

β€’ πŸ…° Can't English well

β€’ πŸ“˜ Nerd

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